The contest will be held in most major countries.

We will provide accommodations to all contestants.

We will pay every acceptable contestant US$1,000.00 participation fees.

There will be prizes for over a million US Dollar for winners in each country competition in both cash and contracts.

The winners will compete again in a final international contest and each will be paid US$5,000.00 participation fees as will as over 5 million US Dollars in prizes in both cash and contracts.

Also, there is an online contest for all who submit photos and prizes for that contest will exceed a million US Dollars in cash and contracts.

Even good looking and attractive contestants who do not win will be paid consolation prizes and may obtain good dancing or magazine centerfold contracts.

We publish photos of all contestants with only their code names, but if some contestants seek secrecy they may ask for that by writing "secret" after their name and we will not publish their photos and they will not be in the online competition but may join the other contests.

We phone some contestants to assure they are the ones who sent the applications, and we are very discrete, and do not talk to any person other than the contestant herself, and never leave messages and we can easily find out if anybody is impersonating the contestant by asking simple questions before we even mentioned anything about the contest.

With us you have the chance to reach wealth and fame like the American Idol since we run the final and some countries competitions on international television networks.

If you have any other talent we can promote you as well to international stardom.

We register all IP numbers and can trace all spam and phony or blank applications and charge them with spamming worldwide.

So, please do not harm yourself by sending spam or phony or blank applications.

Any person may apply to another person but they have to mention their name as well separated by "/" after the name of contestant, as well as their phone number separated by"/" after the phone number of the contestant and also their E-Mail separated by "/" after the E-Mail of the contestant.

If you know only the phone number of the contestant, that is fine as well, but you must include photos of the contestant. Any person referring a contestant will be qualified for 25% of the contestant earning without any reduction of the contestant earnings. This 25% will be coming from us on top of the contestant earning. So, we encourage friends, acquaintances, and photographers and boyfriends to refer to us. The referral party may even ask us not to reveal their identities to the contestant by adding the word secret after their name but for secret referral we pay only 15% commission instead of 25% of the contestant earnings to the referring party.

So it is better financially that the referral not to be secret, but we will respect and honor either option you choose and pay the %25 or the %15 fees accordingly.

By earning one of our many titles contestants will be posted on our site free for life if they wish, and more than double their fees as dancer or model or actress.

Also we will help all contestants (winners or not) find dancing, modeling and acting glamorous jobs as a star and future dancers.



Toll free from US and Canada: 1 888 800 6107

From all other country: +20 12 2600060  or  +1 888 800 6107



This is a beauty contest and is not affiliated with Erotica LA Exhibition


Miss Erotica 2006